Product: Non Woven Rib
Brand: Yeti Flooring
Pile Content: 100% Polypropylene fiber
Backing: Latex
Total Weight(Grams/m2):1000
Thickness(mm): 4.0
Width(Mtr): 2.00 &1.83
Shade: R.Red, M.Green, P.Green, R.Blue, Maroon, Diamond, Beige, D.Grey , M.Brown ,Cinnamon, C.Brown
Roll Length(Mtrs): 50 (Approx.)
Weight and thickness tolerance: +-10%

Step 1: Fibre Issue
The prime raw material for Rib is polypropylene staple fibre. First fibres are issued from store section.
Step 2: Blending
Blending for the required shades are carried out.During blending process, mixture of emulsion is stirred up in the fibres.
Step 3: Opener
Now the blended fibre is fed into opener then passes through carding machine.
Step 4: Carding, mother roll and semi finished
After fibre crosses through cross lapper layers of fibres are fed into punching machine then sent forward for punching.
Step 5: Structure
For designing and pattern punched fibres layers are confined through structure looms and preferred patterns are generated. Now the Mother rolls are ready for Latex.
Step 6: Dryer
For final finish, semi finished rolls passes through Dryer where chemicals are coated at the back side, dried and finally the finished product is produced.
Step 7: Testing
The finished product are cut(6ft.or 6.5ft) are tested and made ready for dispatch.