Yeti Carpet is not limited to a specific segment of market. It has its spread and usage in all sectors like Non-Government Organization, International Government Organization , Residence, Party Palace, Exhibition Halls, Education Organization, Co-operate offices etc. Nepal Government is one of the major customers of Yeti Fabric Ltd.

Market Coverage

Yeti has covered almost 80% of Nepal’s carpet market. Yeti is successful in providing prompt delivery of variety products to its customers. After sales service provided by us is a major factor for our success. Supply of products is not only limited to the market inside valley rather it is extended to the market outside valley. The market coverage inside and outside valley is comparatively proportional.

Marketing Strategy

Yeti believes in direct marketing to have direct contact with its customers. There are no intermediaries or wholesalers for the sale of our carpet. The final product is directly carried to our sales distribution center and then supplied to our customers. We have been introducing new products every time and have been successful in proving ourselves as the best and competitive manufacturer and supplier in the market. The following points highlight our major marketing strategy.

  • After Sales Service.

  • Priority to customer feedback.