About Us

Industrial operation of every types and size, in every corner of the world, understands that in today’s business environment, effectively managing assets of all spheres throughout their life-cycle can deliver real and on-going values. Yeti Fabric Limited has similar long-term vision for continual improvement to demonstrate the non-woven industry as a manufacturer supporting in nation building.

Backed by more than a decade on non-woven expertise, Yeti Fabric ltd. is a real time solution provider and building blocks of knowledge in non-woven technologies supported with integrated, professionally governed and guided manufacturing facility-leading domestic market for durable products.

Yeti Fabric Limited understands that in this mechatronic non-woven world-linear motion cannot lead the exponential demand of expended market thus on magnifying uses of extensive range of tomorrows techniques today-enjoying leadership.

Human resource development had been key area of carrying high value of utilization of installed assets for fastest and safest return on investment to take company to the next level.

Based on Yeti Fabric Limited organic structure of experience in process technologies-material management system helped in product development activities to satisfy challenging application demand and thus offers true value for money. Company’s techno-commercial strength, statistical techniques, linear operating values connect to its highest durability and reliability features.

Yeti Fabric Limited being versatile in business profile-has vision to lead also in non-woven technical products for eco-friendly solution of upcoming future need, which has grown up globally to the exponential values.

Yeti Fabric Limited believes in optimized performance to manufacture range of products for extending usage up-time, satisfying energy conservation demand, building trust-this way creating assets to the nation.

Yeti Fabric Limited is a flagship company of kedia organization and its technological bonding coupled with commercial networking has emerged kedia organization as competent partner for today and tomorrow’s world.